What We Do

We provide strategy, technology and product design and development consulting services to firms who want to leverage the power of sustainability. We help clients design custom systems achieving financial and sustainability goals. By guiding self-assessments, we help you identify the real opportunities and the tough problems. We then recommend innovative solutions involving your people, processes and products.


Sustainability starts with people. We work with organizations to help their people become more environmentally aware. Together we build a sustainability culture of lasting value that aligns with your organization’s business strategies. Involving people in developing the organization’s business case for sustainability, building a sustainable business ecology, designing renewable products and services, and understanding and valuing ecosystem services helps people become committed and aligned around organizational, business and branding strategies.
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Developing sustainable products can be a complex human endeavor. Our skilled professionals coach and train an engineering excellence program of leading edge work processes, ecological design tools and related quality processes. These delivery processes are tailored to align with your business goals, needs, and resources. The result is a mission driven product development process with reduced complexity that enables the achievement of quality, cost and delivery goals. This goes hand in hand in developing sustainable value while ensuring business success in delivering the triple bottom line.  Learn More


Sustainable Systems will help you create and deliver renewable products and solutions that have a positive benefit for your business and our planet. We will help you develop integrated strategies that engineer remanufacture, reuse, and recycle into your product’s design, manufacturing and service, as well as help you re-engineer your business processes across the value chain. Our skilled professionals have experience in the development of complex, clean sheet environmentally responsible products.   Our approach is applicable across a wide range of products and services.  Learn More

Our Planet

Dr. John Elter, the leader of Sustainable Systems, is known as the father of “zero to landfill”. John pioneered design and delivery of products without waste, from product concept to end of life. John motivates others to value all aspects of sustainability, and provides valuable expertise in how to accomplish goals that benefit the triple bottom line. We will work with you to help conceive the strategy, develop the technology and deliver products that can realize a sustainable future…now. Learn More